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Zugor 12.03.2021
You aren’t the only one. For me, it’s insanely flattering for a guy to lose control with me fairly quickly. The longer a guy lasts with me, the less I enjoy sex because it hurts too much later. I can’t go longer than 30 minutes without needing an ice pack and artificial lube to supplement. I’d spend a lot of time bringing my partner close to the edge before letting him actually penetrate me. And I would explain to them why I wanted sex a certain way. If they aren’t okay with modifying or switching up things in the bedroom to accommodate my quirks, they won’t be in my bed long.
Nenos 13.03.2021
Why don't you take off her brassiere? I wanna see her tits.
Vizuru 15.03.2021
What are you going to do when the day of the word is: Bird ?
Brazilkree 16.03.2021
My God, this lady knows how to fuck.
Vishakar 17.03.2021